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Louisiana Corporations - Business LawLouisiana Corporations is an informational guide to the practice of business organization law in Louisiana. It serves as a quick reference on Louisiana corporate law at all stages of corporate existence and provides:

  • Comprehensive information on business entity selection, formation, and operation in Louisiana
  • Practice tips from experienced business lawyers
  • Numerous forms
  • Legal requirements, from incorporation to dissolution

An outline of information, from the general to specific, makes it easier to locate the needed information while the accessible format and chapter organization with detailed chapter analyses also facilitate the finding of information.

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Louisiana Employment Law - Commercial Law

Designed to help both employers and employees, Employment Law provides an understanding of the legislative and jurisprudential employment law activism brought on as both a cause and result of a changing workplace. It identifies, organizes, and analyzes developments regarding the employment relationship in Louisiana.

It covers:

  • Employment liability and contracts
  • Discrimination
  • Compensation and payment
  • Employee benefits
  • Leaves of absence
  • Safety

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